Fishing on Bowstring Lake, Minnesota

One of the Best Walleye Lakes in Minnesota

Bowstring Lake
Area 9,528 Acres
Shoreline 23 miles
Depth 32 feet

Favorite Catch: Walleye Pike


Slot Limit: Bowstring is a NO Slot Limit lake for Walleye.

Other Fish: Crappie, Northern Pike, Jumbo Perch and more.

Lake Map: Download the DNR lake map here.

Other Wildlife: Be prepared to see Bald Eagles as Bowstring Lake is part of their native nesting grounds. The Common Loon is also a regular resident to the lake. You’ll be put to sleep by their beautiful music.

Bowstring Lake is one of Ron Schara‘s favorite walleye fishing spots.

More Info: For more information on Bowstring Lake, visit the Minnesota DNR’s website.